About Us

Muhammadan Testing Service Pakistan is a self-sustained, self-subsistent, professional, potent, dynamic, dedicated, staunch and independent organization. It provides support and serves as a fulcrum to the public and private sectors in the recruitment of qualified and competent employees, because well experienced, skilled, insightful, and qualified representatives serves as a backbone in the success of any institution. MTS always strives for excellence and impeccability to ensure quality, efficiency, reliability, accuracy and most significantly credibility of entire system in a transparent manner under strict security arrangements. MTS, as a scholastic testing administration, entertains both under studies and occupational candidates via holding offline and online tests. We are being an independent educational/employment testing service orchestrates nationwide examinations for students of higher education, scholarships and candidates for employment, helping employer to choose the perfect employee for job and universities to choose better students to enroll. We have professionals from renowned and eminent educational institutions who prepare the tailored, custom fitted questionnaire as per recruiter needs, interview to get the right competitor for the desired designation. MTS higher officials are pioneers of third party testing services in Pakistan, having experience over 35 years in this domain. Our skilled team has the accomplishment to lead wonderful systematic tests by conducting thousands of tests. Due to collaborated workforce of our team, MTS had arranged tests for over 8 million aspirants nationwide. For a wide range of occupation related appraisals and scholastic tests contact us.


1. To conduct efficient, transparent and international standards tests in order to assess the competency of candidates for admission, scholarship and recruitment purposes.

2. MTS as an employment and academic testing service, deals with students and job applicants via holding offline and online tests.

3. MTS serves as a communication platform for the students and job applicants, helping recruiter to choose the perfect employee for job and universities to choose better students to enroll.